Envelope Clutch Refashion

I stopped by my local discovery shop today and picked up a couple of things. One being a floral mini skirt and the other an envelope clutch. A while back I saw tutorials on how to refashion/paint clutches in a variety of colors and patterns. Since then, I’ve been itching to try it out myself but never found a purse suitable/cheap enough for the project. I mean, I wasn’t about to experiment on a purse I spent a good deal of money on. Luckily, today I found one with potential and a low price.

Do you know what the best part is? The bag can be completely personalized and one of a kind! I’m pretty sure nobody else has a clutch that looks like mine. Or at least I haven’t seen anything exactly like it.

Note: Try sketching what you want your final clutch to look like. I had to sketch a few designs before actually starting to paint. Oh and before I painted, I wiped the clutch down with cotton soaked in nail polish remover. This cleans the bag and removes the extra shininess and smooth texture, which helps the paint adhere better.

Here are some pictures I took along the way. I wouldn’t really call this a tutorial because the steps aren’t very detailed and don’t show much action.

The naked bag :)

After applying tape and a few base colors

Added a touch of coral

I added the finishing touches: black stripes and blue triangles

BUT then I decided that I didn’t like the gold portion (which turned out more like a camel/tan color). So, I repainted it with the same coral color I used on the top flap, and VWWaaala!

Finally, I applied modge podge and dried it with a blow dryer to speed up the process. Tomorrow morning I will find the waterproof sealant spray and apply it for extra protection!

The Final Product!

Materials used: clutch, acrylic paints, paint brush, painter’s tape, modge podge, and waterproof sealant

Money I spent on the project: $8 (however, I already had most of the supplies on hand from previous art projects. Those of you who do not have most supplies handy will spend a little bit more. It’s totally worth it though! There are clutches like this that cost way more than what you will spend making one.  

I hope you enjoyed this post! This project is fun (and pretty strenuous depending on the complexity of the design)! Nevertheless, try it some time :)

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I need to go to Buffalo Exchange. Pronto!

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Vintage Dooney & Bourke

It was love at first sight! And the funny thing is, I would have never found it if I hadn’t opened my mind up to shopping at thrift stores. :D The whole vintage trend is genius.

I like how the purse closes, very unique. At first, I thought everything would fall out, but of course, that was untrue…I mean, why would they sell a purse like that anyway :/

Made in USA!

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Naturalizer ankle boots

I found these over at my local Discovery Shop and had to pick them up! I was surprised because I rarely find any (decent) shoes that fit me at the shop. Other than a few creases in the front, they have very little wear. 

Ok, well the lining at the bottom is a teeny bit weathered, but I don’t really care. 

They are really comfortable, so I don’t regret buying them for $10.

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